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Singha Lemon Soda, the tasty drink that goes well with any mixtures. Or you can just chill it and drink it without mixing any. Create your cool recipes - Red Lemon Soda, Honey Lemon Soda, Raspberry Lemon Soda, and Mint Lemon Soda. Or make a divine Soda Mojito Mocktail and Shandy to fulfil your chill day.

Functional Benefit

The unique fizzy, sour taste of Singha Lemon Soda is here to level up your meal. Say no more to fat and sugar as it provides a highly safe, quality sweetener known as Sucralose.

 The unique fizzy , sour taste of Singha Lemon Soda is here to level up your meal. Say no more to fat and sugar as it provides a highly safe, quality sweetener known as Sucralose. 

 The rich smell of lemon and fizziness go well together. The quality has been assured by the production standard of Singha Corporation, making Singha Lemon Soda super extraordinary.   

 Different but perfect. Break the old rules of soft drink as it comes with fizziness, sourness, and 30.7 mg. of Vitamin C which is equal to 1 lemon. 

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Drink up and feel the fizz Singha Lemon SodaLive your life to the fullest


Mixed with high level of Vitamin C and Vitamin B imported from Germany. Also contains 9 types of minerals. No sugar. No calorie. Fresh fragrance. It is meant to complete the lives of a new generation. 


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The most common F&Q about Singha Lemon Soda Drink

 No, it’s not. It does not trigger allergies. Children can consume Sucralose . However, since it is considered a soft drink, it is better to let children above 3 years old consume it. 

 Singha Lemon Soda = 32 milligrams / 100 ml.
(105 milligrams / 100 ml. according to the label)

Examples of food with Sodium
Soy milk = 51 milligrams / 100 ml.
Papaya salad with crab = 1,250 milligrams / 100 ml.
The amount of Sodium one person can consume per day = 2,000 milligrams

Therefore, the amount of Sodium in Singha Lemon Soda is way little when compared to other cooked food that needs salt as an ingredient. The amount of sodium of one full spoon of Papaya Salad with crab’s dressing is more than the amount of S odium in a can of Lemon Soda. 

 It is suitable for everyone regardless of their sex and age as the artificial sweetener does not trigger allergies. 

1.) Its fizziness and sourness will keep you fresh and get rid of tiredness. It will also stimulate your excretory system which helps your intestine work better.
2.) The Vitamin C will help strengthen and optimize your body’s immune system.
3.) Soda will help enhance your digestive system efficiency.
4.) An artificial sweetener, an additive that provides a sweet taste but not energy, is suitable for everyone regardless of age and sex and those who are on diet. 

 They can. However, since the product is considered a soft drink, children under 3 years old should not consume it. 

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